Winter….It’s Not So Bad After All By Philip Pothier

We hoped for winter better than the last,
And thought we had escaped the stormy blast
Of icy wind until short days ago,
When we awoke to bitter cold and snow.

Once I was young and didn’t seem to care
About this weather, be it foul or fair.
Now I am old, and find each wint’ry blast
Cuts to the bone, and holds my body fast.

I hate the cold! I hate the winter’s snow!
I hate the awful stormy winds that blow!
I hate the driving through the blizzard’s gale.
I hate the thought of engines that might fail!

And yet I find some good that winter brings,
A good book by the fire, and other things;
The talk with friends, hot coffee in the cup,
A visit with the neighbors cheers me up!

A hearty meal to share with treasured friends,
And thoughts of spring and all that it portends.
The things I love outweigh the things I hate.
So I’ll be happy here whate’er may be my fate!

When spring at last has had her gentle way
I’ll face a new, a warm and happy day.
The things we hate will always have an end,
So face the world with love and joy, my friend!

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