Water by Laura Poth

robin-bird-bath.jpg__800x600_q85_crop_subject_location-3605,1128Sometimes I can see right through you. That only makes me love you more.

In fact, I have always believed that you are more valuable than the biggest, brightest diamond. You are more valuable than any amount of money, gold, silver or oil.

But you are not always appreciated. We too often take you for granted. When we have you with us in the right amount, in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition, life is wonderful.

Through all ages we have prayed for you.

How can we disconnect from a constant awareness of you?  How can we close our eyes and look in the other direction?  How can we waste, pollute, and move on?

Nothing is forever. We must take action. We must move forward with great care, or life as we know it will suffer.  We must do what it takes now, or after we are long gone, future generations will be left to pay for our selfish thoughtlessness.  We may cease to exist at all.

We can’t go on without you. You live within the heart of each of us. Yes, our bodies need you to function.

The human body is 60% water and some lifeforms are up to 90% water. We need you to be there with your dependable, predictable cleansing and healing. We need your soothing, uplifting, warming, cooling and renewing. If we are to eat anything, plant or animal, we must have you as part of our lives.

We need you to quench our thirst.

We all to often look to material things as if to prove that we have truly “made it” in our lifetimes. “Made it Big!” with all kinds of trinkets, toys, fancy gadgets, clothes. We all too often worship these things…most of which water was necessary in their manufacturing, but, I repeat, we too often forget you and take you for granted.

If we are to eat, have good health, and if we are even to relax at the foot of a cool waterfall at the end of the trail after a long hike on a hot summer day, we need you, now and always.

Let’s conserve and protect the water we have been blessed with for all.

– April, 2016

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