Thanksgiving Thoughts

thanksgiving-calendar-imageThis Thanksgiving as we thank God for His blessings in our lives, let us think of the Pilgrims and the hardships they endured in their new homeland. How blessed they were to be aided by the Native Americans. Let us think, too, of all the immigrants over all the years
who came to America for a better way of life.
Their hard work helped make this country great.

Let us think of the right to vote we are privileged
to have and all those who worked to make it possible for all people. Let us think of orderly elections giving everyone a choice in our government. Let us remember the veterans who fought for democracy and freedom. Let us remember all who continue to risk their lives and serve in places far away from home. These thoughts  help us realize how blessed we are to live in
the United States of America.
So, before the turkey is carved and the abundant food served, let us say a prayer of thanksgiving for the opportunities our country offers. Let us vow to do what we can to make opportunities available to all.

Let us visit those in hospitals, nursing homes or veterans
centers, and those who live alone. Let us send a card or make a phone call to let someone know we are thinking of them.

Let us give thanks to the Creator for the harvest and the
beauty of nature that surrounds us. Let us thank Him for
family and friends who share our Thanksgiving table, and for the lives of loved ones who have gone before. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and be grateful for our own personal blessings, and a time to share our blessings with others.

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