On the Porch on an Evening

On the Porch on an Evening

There on the porch on an
evening in spring
I rest in my old, worn out chair.
It seems that the world cannot enter my mind.
I find peace and quietude there.

The dogs are curled up and asleep at my feet.
The work of the day has been done.
I sit there and ponder the issues of life,
Both problems and victories won.

The yard is alive with the sounds of new life,
The birds singing sweet in the trees.
I see the wild geese flying high in the sky,
And hear their loud song on the breeze.

It’s too early yet for the planting to start,
The snow lingers still in the wood.
Yet I feel impatient to get the thing done.
I’d do it today if I could!

The gloaming is here, and the sun starts to set.
The sky is a beautiful red.
But red in the morning will not be a warning,
And we’ll have fine weather ahead.

I’m peaceful and quiet alone in my chair.
I hear the sweet music of life.
The night sounds surround me and quiet my soul.
I’m free here from worry and strife.

Too soon will tomorrow my reverie end.
And the cares of the world will intrude.
But now I’ll just sit here upon my back porch,
Enjoying a brief interlude!

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