Christmas Memories by Bernadette Gentry

dollsThe tree stands in the corner of the living room–all blue
lights nestled in its prickly branches.
It’s adorned with shiny red, gold, green, and blue balls,
and silver strands of tinsel.
On the top, an angel shines out her light.

On the couch, my mother sets out my dolls with their freshly washed and ironed dresses so they, too, can be part of the Christmas celebration.
On my bedpost my stocking hangs. Soon it will be filled with a package of trading cards with its pictures
of dogs, cats, and horses, also an orange, a candy cane, and hopefully no coal!

The Christmas Mass, the manger with the Baby, Mary, and Joseph, the shepherds and their sheep the joyous carols sung, the red, and white, poinsettias all make the day so very special.

A lunch of ham or turkey, with baked potatoes, green beans, and apple or pumpkin pie awaits.
Later a visit to my aunt Mamie’s and Uncle Willie’s will
take place.

A day filled with family, good food, and an understanding of the true meaning of this day–treasured memories kept forever in my heart.

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